Sustainability Within Education

Sustainability Within Education Kalen Evans, Maura Bruns, Cameron Lewis, & Zachary Bell   As society continues to advance rapidly in order to accommodate our growing population and cultural needs, we run into many different sustainability issues that must be addressed. We are becoming more aware of this as it has gone from potential problems in the future, to problems that are at our doorstep and must be handled right now. One of the best ways to address these issues across the country would be effectively educating college students on the topic.  Colleges and universities around the country have an amazing opportunity … Continue reading Sustainability Within Education

Ocean Abuse

Maggie Howland Angel Walsh  Sophia Lind 7 May 2021 During tourist season on the Cape, beaches are often loaded with people but also their trash. From straws to plastic bottles, very seldom do these end up in the recycling bin. Instead, it’s common resting ground is either the sand dunes or the bellies of washed-up sea creatures. Unfortunately, these instances are both becoming a regular occurrence and often unsurprising. Many people do not stop and think about what their one-second decision can cause a lifetime of harm for creatures we can see and those whom we cannot. Also, while we … Continue reading Ocean Abuse