Alexa Distefano: A Profile in Student Activism

When you hear the word “activist”, what do you think?  What images come to mind?  Protestors chanting in the streets?  Catch phrases and slogans?  Home made signs and colorful banners?  Maybe a young girl reprimanding leaders of the United Nations for stealing young people’s future?  All of this would be true.   In the fight for a sustainable world we may be likely to think of very visible, public figures such as Greta Thunberg as activists; or even blockbuster celebrities with a very large audience such as Emma Thompson, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford.  These public figures have a massive influence and a broad reach, with the ability to reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people given their very public platform—to say nothing of their social media accounts.  But what does a more local activism look like?  The kind being acted out every day by students, faculty, moms, dads, and…

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