The ‘Adults’ in the Room: How Children Will Save the Planet

Proof that you are never too young to get involved, to make a change; you only have to believe that you can make a difference.


I started this essay months ago, then lost my thumb
drive. And no, I do not yet keep my work
on a cloud somewhere—trust me, I know. The
thumb drive has since been returned, and while I finished the article, I do
worry that it’s lost a little bit of its thunder, presuming, that is, it had
any in the first place.

Thanks to Google Alerts, in recent weeks my inbox has been filled with articles from all over the world about young people protesting for change regarding the current climate crisis. At first, I simply looked passed them; however, as days turned into a week, and then two, and now more than a month later, the articles kept coming: Germany, Australia, Sweden, the U.S. and the UK. What I at first took for a passing phase, like so many other issues, turns out to be a global movement…

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